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Dean's Message

Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) represents the origins of Korea’s higher education since its foundation in 1398. Throughout the last 616 years, SKKU has focused on the principles of Neo-Confucianism and embodied its four cardinal virtues [仁義禮智 pronounced In, Eui, Ye, Ji] which literally translates into English as; humanity, righteousness, propriety and wisdom.
With the support of world renowned global company Samsung, SKKU has become a creative and innovative center of higher education. Our collaborative approach represents a paradigm shift in which we focus on pedagogical models that incorporate foundational knowledge, applied research, a focus on global society, and academic-industrial collaboration, especially in Science and Engineering.

The College of Engineering established in 1965 celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015. Throughout the last 50+ years, the College of Engineering have pursued world-class research with distinguished faculty and global research centers, have emphasized the industrial collaboration to operate academic departments with government, and have reinforced the global network to expand exchange programs.

We are striving to educate talented students as “Grand Challenge Technology Innovators” who are contributing to the development of a harmonious global society.
In 2005, the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea [ABEEK] system was introduced at SKKU. Undergraduate programs emphasize the ABEEK program and cooperative training. In 2012, SKKU participated in Washington Accord Monitoring University as the representative of Korea.
We welcome you to join us in our transformation endeavor into a truly leading Engineering College for the 21st century.
Jun Young LEE
Dean, College of Engineering