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Dean's List

Dean's list 게시글의 상세 화면
Title Dean's List Award Outline
Writer Engineering Date 2015-09-22 Hit 1979

College of Engineering Dean's List


   Ⅰ. Overview

     1. Purpose

       A. Congratulate honored students with high academic achievement and raise their pride   
       B. Encourage students to apply to the Graduate School at the Graduate School Fair

     2. Time

      A. Spring Semester - April 
      B. Fall Semester - Octorber

     3. Venue:  Auditorium[B1], Samsung Library

  Ⅱ. Dean's List Awards Outline

     1. Criteria

       A. Semester: Students over 2nd semester of 3rd grade 
                             [Architecture: 2nd semester of 4th grade]
       B. Grade Point Average (GPA): 4.0/4.5, including F grade
       C. Credits: Completed over 15

     2. Benefits

       A. Certificate and Commemorative Souvenoir
          [Post list with pictures on College of Engineering’s Homepage]
       B. Congratulatory Letters to students’ parents
       C. First priority regarding recommendation to the College of Engineering's Graduate School


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