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Title 2017-1 Dean's List Award
Writer Engineering Date 2017-04-10 Hit 1308

On April 5, 2017, The College of Engineering congratulated 225 honored students with outstanding academic accomplishments at Auditorium in the Samsung Library B1. On this day, the Dean of the College of Engineering introduced the “Dean’s List Award System” to honor students with passion and who have made great effort towards achieving scholastic excellence. Especially, students who got Dean's List award for 3 times got the special celebration with additional gifts.

Dean LEE, Jun Young and the chairs of each School/Department conferred the Dean's List Awards with commemorative souvenirs. The purpose of the awards is to encourage students’ self-esteem as well as pride for their alma mater. 

There were department meetings, lab tours, and a graduate fair along with the award ceremony. Congratulatory letters were also sent to the parents of eligible students. Around 20 parents and relatives of the students awarded attended the ceremony which made it a much more meaningful celebration.

The Dean's List Criteria are as follows:
   A. Semester - Students over 2nd semester of 3rd grade (6th Semester) 
                       [Architecture - 2nd semester of 4th Grade (8th semester)]

   B. Grade Point Average (GPA) - 4.0/4.5, including F grade
   C. Credits - Completed over 15

3 times Winner 4

Chemical Engineering


Advanced Materials Sciences & Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


Civil & Architectural Engineering and Landscape Architecture


Systems Management Engineering




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