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Title Capstone Design Team Wins Gold Medal At 2017 iENA
Writer SKKU Date 2017-11-17 Hit 1011

SKKU's Capstone Design Team (SKKU LINC+ Team) won a gold medal in the field of Inventions/New Products at the 2017 International Trade Fair for Ideas - Inventions - New Products (iENA 2017) held in Nuremberg, Germany from November 2nd to 5th.


Germany's iENA, which celebrated its 69th anniversary since its first exhibition in 1948, is one of the world's 3 largest invention exhibitions, along with Pittsburgh (USA) and Geneva (Switzerland). This year, 745 teams from 29 countries participated in the event.


The SKKU Capstone Design Team that participated in iENA took the Global Capstone Design course (advising professors: Sang Do NOH, Kwan Soo HAN) during the 1st semester of the academic year. Through this course, they developed a Safety Intelligence Module that can be attached to a personal mobility device such as a bicycle or a Segway. Afterward, in the 2nd semester Deep Convergence Capstone Design course (advising professors: Jun-Dong CHO, Ji Sook CHUNG), through a connected course they have developed prototypes that are close to actual commercialization.


Prof. Jun-Dong CHO, who supervised the Capstone Design Team, said, "As the domestic and overseas personal mobility market grows rapidly and the number of related safety accidents soars, the need for active safety devices to prevent accidents will become increasingly important. We will go through practicality and safety verification steps through test drives on the roads, and we will connect with start-ups to further raise the degree of completion through continuous mentoring."


Meanwhile, this year's LINC+ Project has been strengthening its support for outstanding capstone design projects through patent applications, participating in domestic and overseas competitions, and industrializing start-up connections. This has resulted in excellent achievements at competitions such as the 'PACE Annual Forum' held in Toluca, Mexico, and the 'Seoul Idea Competition (I Digital U).'



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