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Title [Undergradute] 2017 Summer Intensive Course
Writer Engineering Date 2017-05-15 Hit 687

- Course(s): Undergraduate major courses and Liberal arts

- Qualification:
  1. Undergraduates must be sophomores at least(transfer students must have completed more than one semester after the transfer)
  2. Those who are on a leave of absence must re-enter in this fall semester, 2017
  * Excepting undergraduates goning to graduate after completing this spring semester or take leave of absence next semester

- Course Registration & Caution
  1. Credits : Maximum 9 credits
  2. Students who signed up for summer intensive course MUST register on this fall semester, 2017.
      All credits and grades will be included in the fall semester.
  3. Tuition fee will be also included in the fall semester.
  4. Courses in spring semester, which you've taken, are not allowed to be registered in summer intensive course successively.
      (Courses taken in this summer intensive term also cannot be re-signed up in the following fall semester.)
  5. After the period of course confirmation/change, course withdrawal, additional change and cancellation are not permitted.
  6. Summer Intensive Course can be signed up at the online course registration website (http://sugang.skku.edu)

- 2017 Summer Intensive Course Brief schedule





Course Selection


Electronic course schedule opening




Course Registration

5.29(Mon) ~ 6.2(Fri) 08:00~23:00

Course Confirmation/Change

6.22(Thu) ~ 6.26(Mon) 08:00~23:00



Summer Intensive Course

6.22(Thu) ~ 8.2(Wed)[6 Weeks]

Mid-term Test

7.11(Tue) ~ 7.12(Wed)

Final Test

8.1(Tue) ~ 8.2(Wed)


Grade notification

8.4(Fri) ~ 8.8(Tue) 10:00~23:00

End of grading

8.9(Wed) 15:00

※ Inquiries: Administrative office of college of engineering(#26111)


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