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Title [Undergraduate] 2017-2 Dean's List Award
Writer Engineering Date 2017-09-05 Hit 509

2017-2 Dean's List Award

Date: 20th September(Wed) 13:30-14:30

Location: Samsung Library Auditorium (B1)


  Dean’s List Award at the College of Engineering is presented to the students who have high scholastic achievement from 2015.

  To qualify for the Dean’s List in the College of Engineering, junior and senior students must earn a previous semester grade point average of 4.0 or above [including F] and be enrolled 15 credits.

It will be changed from 2018-1st semester;
 1. Junior and Senior students
 2. Grade point average 4.2 or Top 10% of the department [including F] and be enrolled 15 credits.


  Please participate in the Dean’s List Awarding Ceremony on September 20th, 2017 and the Chairs of each School/Department will present Dean’s List Award to you in person. As well, you can join the “Graduate School Fair” and “Department’s Activities” right after the ceremony.

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