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Title [Undergraduate] Notice of 2017 Winter semester course
Writer Engineering Date 2017-11-17 Hit 429

1. Period(winter semester): 2017.12.26(Tue)  ~  2018.1.12(Fri) - 15 days in total
  * Online course catalogue(Electronic timetable) for the winter semester can be found after 11.13(Mon) at GLS
     Course registration period: 11.22(Wed) 08:00  ~  11.24(Fri) 23:00
  ** Tuition payment: 11.27(Mon) ~ 12.1(Fri)  09:00  ~  17:00

2. Qualification: Enrolled students or students on a leave of absence during this semester
※ If a student took a leave of absence, even if the student completely fulfilled the required credits for graduation through the winter semester, the student MUST register for one more semester and return to school.
※ Students on a leave of absence can sign up for summer/winter semester courses up to 2 times in total.

3. Maximun credits: 6 credits per summer/winter semester (9 credits per year)

4. Tuition: 91,000 KRW per credit

5. Notes
  - Course registration for winter semester is done at GLS, not on the course registration website(sugang.skku.edu) used during the regular semester.
  - Course(s) which fewer than 19 students register for will be canceled due to the insufficient number of enrollees

6. Inquiry: Administrative office of college of engineering(#26111, +82-31-290-5833)

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