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Title [Undergraduate] Notice of Final course evaluation, fall semester 2017
Writer Engineering Date 2017-12-04 Hit 453

All students taking this fall semester should do the final course evaluation as follows;


1. Evaluation period: 2017. 12. 4.(MON) 10:00 ~ 12. 15.(FRI) 23:00

2. Subjects to be evaluated: All of the courses taken this fall semester

3. How to participate:
○ Access the SKKU website (http://www.skku.edu) → Click on GLS → Select Study Areas → Click on Course Evaluation (Left bottom) → Participate in Course Evaluation on the courses you registered

4. Notes

○ Those who do not participate in the final course evaluations for every course can't check their final grades and appeal to the lecturers.
  (They can check the grades and appeal only on the last day of the grade notification period  after finishing evaluation for all, given one more chance)

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