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Title [Undergraduate] Notice of Grade withdrawal application in Spring semester, 2018
Writer Engineering Date 2018-03-09 Hit 189

Undergraduate students, who want to delete their grades of the taken courses, can apply for the grade withdrawal as follows;


○ Application Period : 2018. 3. 9(Fri) 10:00 ~ 3. 13(Tue) 23:00

○ Applicants : Undergraduate students who are enrolled this spring semester, 2018

○ Maximum number of courses to be withdrawn
- Courses taken since the 2005 academic year: up to 2 courses in total
- Courses taken before the 2005 academic year: up to 2 courses each semester (there is no maximum total number of courses)

○ Applicable grade/semester
- Courses taken since the 2005 academic year: after the completion of the 6th semester
- Courses taken before the 2005 academic year: available all semester

○ Confirmation date of result: 2018. 3. 19(Mon)

○ Note
- Only students enrolled this semester are able to do.
- If you take this semester off after the application is approved, grade withdrawal will become invalid.
- The grade withdrawal CANNOT be reversed once it is approved.
- You need to carefully check the graduation requirements for the credits before applying.
- Partial tuition refund for withdrawn courses is not possible.
- Grade withdrawn won't be shown on the grade transcript at all.

○ How to apply
- GLS > Academic domain > Grade > Grade withdrawal application

○ Inquiries: Administrative office of the college of engineering (#26111, Tel. 031-290-5833)

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