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Title [Undergraduate] 2018 Summer Undergraduates’ research-credit program
Writer 공과대학 Date 2018-05-28 Hit 63

 2018 Summer Undergraduates’ research-credit program will be held as follows;


1. Submission Date: until 5 pm., June 15th(Fri), 2018


2. Required Document: <Form1>Research plan for the research-credit program (<서식1> 우수학부생 연구학점제 연구활동계획서) in the attached file

* You have to take the document to the office of college of engineering after finishing filling it out within the submission preiod.


3. Qualification

 1) Undergraduate student who has got a permission from his/her academic advisor(directing professor in the Lab)

 2) GAP 3.5 or above of last semester (including F)

 * those who are going to graduate after this semester are not able to apply


4, Inquiries : Administrative office of the College of Engineering (T. 031-290-5833)



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