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Title Approval of Lecture Room Reservation 강의실대여허가원
Writer Engineering Date 2015-08-13 Hit 780
Approval of Lecture Room Reservation 강의실대여허가원

You will get the final approval of lecture room reservation after we chechk the availability of the lecture rooms.
Therefore, please visit to the Administrative Office of College of Engineering (#26111) in person.
For additional inquiries, please call at 031-290-5842 or send an email to enzine@skku.edu. 

강의실대여허가원은 수업일정과 확인한 후 대여가 가능하므로 행정실에 방문해 주셔야 합니다. 
문의는 전화 031-290-5842, Email. enzine@skku.edu 입니다. 

The Administrative Office of the College of Engineering
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