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Applied Chemical Materials Engineering (Interdisciplinary)

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The Department of Applied Chemical Materials Engineering (Interdisciplinary) has been committed since 2004 (supported by KOSEF) to providing high quality education and research activities in the fields of applied materials engineering, advanced chemical engineering, polymer science/engineering and so on. The scope has evolved over the years to encompass broader disciplines pertaining to nanotechnology, biotechnology, textiles, materials, semiconuctor, polymer science, energy and environment.


The graduate programs are highly reputed for their excellence in research and education with the provision of exquisite opportunities to couple core chemical engineering disciplines with multidiscibplinary ones, providing an ideal platform to train manpower of next generation well prepared for many complicated professional challenges in the academia and industry.



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Department in Detail
1. Courses and Curriculums

Our curriculum offers interdisciplinary courses including Advanced Material Science and Chemical Engineering to meet increasing demands of converging technologies through the financial support from the BK21 program and other national research programs. It covers all the necessary basics for a successful academic and industrial career in the fields of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Polymer Engineering such as; bio and environmental technology, polymer science and engineering, advanced materials technology, energy technology, microelectronics, display, and solar cells and so on.


2. Facilities, Resources and Funding

From 2015, the Department of Applied Chemical Materials Engineering has been assigned to the Collaboration Education Center (Degree Research Center, DRC) of KRICT-SKKU supported by National Research Council of Science & Technology (NST). For the new paradigm in the 21st century, the Department of Applied Chemical Materials Engineering has been focused on the developments of advanced chemical materials for IT, BT, NT and ET industrial fields and further strengthen the academic curriculum and research facilities.


Students (undergraduate and graduate) can also use the study rooms, libraries and networks freely in the Engineering Building (II)

Why Choose Us?

The graduate programs have been under a special government funding scheme known as Brain Korean 21 Plus (BK21 Plus) since 2013. Currently, graduate students are actively conducting several research projects at the forefront of a variety of advanced chemical engineering and interdisciplinary fields in close collaboration with many domestic and international research institutions. Most of the graduates go for further studies or move on to key positions helping to shape our economy over the past few decades.