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Material Science and Engineering (Interdisciplinary)

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All Matter field's such as, organic, metal, carbon, and ceramic material, have been developed independently in the industry, however, nowadays, these are being applied in amalgamative form and is in need of creative design and engineering collaboration. Therefore, master's programs in universities are required to provide education in the convergence of multiple materials. In the future, the performance of recent high-quality products will be developed by the engineering and integration of multiple materials. (or convergence).


For this purpose, not only does the department do research in material but also in the finalization of production design and manufacturing, the new area of academy which collaborates with the liberal arts, sociology, design and engineering based education, which will be delivered to future students.


The new fusion science and technology program is mainly based in the Engineering School but it also requires collaboration (convergence) in all areas like social science/policy and laws/ social environment/element design.


We are pursuing the convergence of science and technology to develop a system that will be a possible future solution to diverse social problems.

Department in Detail
1. Courses and Curriculums

  The program of the Material Science and Engineering (Interdisciplinary) is designed for students to improve intensive understandings of diverse materials for their varied career opportunities by learning Polymer Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics on materials.

  This diversity covers the four fundamental parts of Materials Science. First, materials properties including characterization and modeling. Second, materials structures. Third, materials synthesis and processing, and the last one is materials performance.

  In regards with these educational goals, we offer specific curricular tracks on interdisciplinary Material Chemistry, special topics on ICT materials and Bio-Mimetic Hybrid material.

2. Facilities, Resources and Funding

  The Material Science and Engineering (Interdisciplinary) Program contains well qualified, government-funded research programs with participation of students at graduate level. The research programs emphasize interdisciplinary approaches for solving everyday problems in fields of bio-friendly alternative energy, biosensings, and water quality assessment.

Why Choose Us

  The Material Science and Engineering (Interdisciplinary) Program pursues a creative and innovative technology that develops new materials exhibiting new functional properties that has never been possible before.

With a project of BK21 and other government funded projects, our program plans to show its upgraded capabilities based on internationalization of graduate education, in-depth study and concentration of team project research. To this end, we will promote talented people with global competitiveness and field-oriented core talents.

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