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Global Entrepreneurship

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SKKU School of Global Entrepreneurship’s goal is to develop practical entrepreneurs, applicable entrepreneurship experts and scholars with a creative challenge spirit, through a customized start-up education that trains talented individuals based on the realization of creative economies.


The school, divided into the major of Entrepreneurship and Start-up Consultant, aims for higher education that enhances academic expertise through a field centered specialized program on the basis of theatrical research. Particularly, our school continuously supports the Summer School (Short-Term, Australia and Indonesia) and Joint Degree (Long-Term) for advanced and high quality start-up and overseas expansion.


The school is operated by a differentiated practice education program that is associated with external organizations such as Suwon Business Incubation Center, SKKU Entrepreneurship Education Center, Gyeonggi Business Incubation Center Association, and SKKU industry-University Cooperation Associations, and hopes to expand local start-up bases.


The graduates of our school shall be successful entrepreneurs and consultants who lead the field to success. As entrepreneurship scholars with practice of entrepreneurship and theory, they shall enter public life as business experts, venture capitalists, and security company analysts.


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Department in Detail
1. Course and Curriculums

  • Overview of global entrepreneurship

  • Introduce the theory and reality of starting an international entrepreneurial businesses

  • Marketing strategy and method of market research, technological development, sustainable growth

  • Establishing a virtual company

  • Propelling the Capstone Programs linked with minor classes in entrepreneurship with leading companies in the

     SUWON region, to cultivate skills needed to solve problems faced by start-ups


2. Facilities, Resources & Funding

  • Our Study and Learning Centre provides a friendly environment to build your academic skills with experienced

     teachers and students to guide you

  • Labs, computer rooms, libraries, exhibition spaces, studios are open for students

  • Entrepreneurship advice and support, activities and workshops are availalbe

3. Exchanges & Partnerships

  • On-going cooperation with government agencies enables students to work on projects under the Korean government

     (Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development),

  • We are continuously improving business processes and collaborations of supply chains.

  • MOU treaty with China of venture capital "Tech code" (the venture support institutions in China)


Why Choose Us?

With more than 600 years of history and tradition, Sunkgkyunkwan University (SKKU) has world-class departments and is making a leap to become the top university, by creating a smart ecology of education renovation, constructing a hub of creative education·research convergence, promoting the brand of Global SKKU, and managing the university with communication and integration.


  • Sungkyunkwan University will now be the core hub of education and research to enhance the value of human

     civilization as it stands, leading universities in Korea, along with top universities in the world.

  • Students will learn the solution to problems, the direction of a company, and to analyze and consult firms

  • Students will gather as a team and study in the Business Incubating Center or other companies

  • The department will keep up economic development and support industry-based basic/

     applied research activities designed for academic-industrial cooperation between university,

     the government and business

  • Support for club activities at SKKU related to entrepreneurship / start-ups / business / economics