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Landscape Architecture

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Landscape architecture is a comprehensive science art covering natural science, humanities and social sciences, and arts. Landscape architecture activities range from designing, planning and construction of small-scale gardens, public gardens, squares, urban parks, housing complexes and tourist resorts to planning and management of land, nature and urban environments, and metropolitan areas. The Landscape Architecture program provides lectures on theory, planning, design, construction and management in order to train experts on land that can plan, design, and manage the environment of the world in the 21st century.


Roles of Landscape Architecture Students


The Department of Landscape Architecture was been founded in 1978 to educate and train students to be talented experts with the following capabilities:

  - Knowledge to understand environment and culture in the 21st century

  •   - Insight to see and solve social problems
  •   - Logic and creativity to plan and design a beautiful and pleasant outdoor space
  •   - Ability to meet International standard and to cooperate with other disciplines.




The department has focused on enhancing the problem-solving ability of the students with knowledge obtained through theories and practices. There are landscape ecology laboratory, drawing laboratory, landscape planning and design studios, computer laboratory and other facilities for practices in the department.


Vision and Career Path


After graduated, students are engaged in graduate level programs or studying abroad, as well as in private design offices, engineering services companies, construction companies, and public corporations (land corporation, housing corporation, road construction, water resources corporation, etc.). By the importance of the environment is increasing due to social development, students are expected to have more opportunities and possibilities for their career path, such as civil servants in central and provincial government offices.


Contact Us
  • Location:
     #61308, 3F, Life Science and  Biotechnology Building
  • Address:
    2066, Seobu-ro, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (16419)
  • Telephone:
  • E-mail: minjihee@skku.edu
  • Administration Contacts
Department in Detail
1. Courses and Curriculums

The major courses and curriculums of the department are categorized in three main parts : Environmental Climate, Landscape Ecology, Landscape Design.




Environmental Climate

Disaster Prevention Landscape Planning, Environmental Remote Sensing, Geographical Information Systems, Urban Planning Using Topoclimate, Site investigation & practice, Spatial Statistics

Landscape Ecology

Restoration Ecology, Landscape Ecology, Environment and Plants, Road Ecology, Wildlife Conservation, Soil Science, Ecological Restoration Engineering & Practice

Design of Landscape

Landscape Computer Graphics, Graduate Landscape Design I, II, III, IV, Spatial layout design, Traditional Korean Landscape Aesthetics



2. Facilities & Resources and Funding

Currently there are three major design and research fields at our graduate program.


(1) Landscape Design Lab : design computer graphic software & hardware

(2) Environmental Climate Lab : Remote sensing, GIS, GPS data processing software, UAV

(3) Environmental Ecology Lab : ecological measurement instruments, UAV


3. Exchanges and Partnerships

 (1) Exchange : http://www.skku.edu/eng_home/global/edu/inbound_1.jsp

 (2) Partenrships

    - Beijing Forestry University (China)

    - Northeast Forestry University (China)


For other foreign unversities : http://www.skku.edu/eng_home/skku/globalsk/international_list.jsp


4. Special Entry Requirements(Graduate)

Design major applicants should send a portfolio.


Why Choose Us
1. Reputation

  The Department of Landscape Architecture at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) degree programs involves more than just selecting a degree program. You are making a decision about where to spend the next few years of your life. It will train you to tackle the range of problems that you will encounter in your future career path. We continually monitor programs for quality and make improvements based on feedback from students and the professors.

We hope that prospective and current students, academic and industrial colleagues, and others will find our school an ideal place, capable of providing every single opportunity to strive for their future.

2. International Engagement

 - Foreign Exchange Student

 - Paper presentation at international conference

 - Paper publication at international journals (AHCI, SCI(E), SSCI)

3. Scholarships

An international student who applies for majors in Natural Science or Engineering will be granted a scholarship totaling 100% of tuition and admission fee.

(Recommended by one of the full-time faculty members of the department that the student is applying for.)


Environmental climate lab students who enrolls in disaster prevention management program are supported by BK21 (Brain Korea 21) full scholarship (tution + living expenses)