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School of Advanced Materials Sciences and Engineering

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We, The School of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering (AMSE) are dedicated to educating students in specific fields, developing academic knowledge and perspectives; and researching state -of-the-art technologies. AMSE are frontiers in advanced materials, exploring fundamental and novel challenges in modern technologies.

The AMSE@SKKU is a multi-disciplinary activity that studies the fundamentals and applications of materials for a wide range of advanced technologies.

The scenario of current industrial society is to compile information driven by continuous innovations in a wide range of technologies. Particularly, in advanced electronic materials and devices, the electronic information technology is a key component for the architecturing of an advanced information society.


The AMSE@SKKU is unique in offering future-oriented educational programs in properties, processing, and development of materials for advanced technology, to establish insight into current and future information societies.


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School in Detail
1. Educational Objectives
  - Cultivation of a person with moral consciousness and social responsibility based on confusionism
  - Fostering of experts with ability to generate new value through the education of technics and creative talent
     related to materials science and engineering
  - Development of engineers who can lead the field in a global society
2. Graduate Studies
Graduate School of Advanced Materials Science & Engineering researches and studies basic science and engineering related to materials fabrication and processing, which are then applied to various electronic devices and machines.
These days, new materials related to information and display are advancing very rapidly with the development of the computer and communication industry, and with the change of modern society to an information society. Especially, the growth of the information society requires various newly developed parts and materials related to information storage, delivery, display, processing and so on.
Therefore, in modern society, the technology related to materials fabrication and processing for information industry is becoming more and more important. Therefore, our graduate school of advanced materials and engineering focuses our curriculum and research on the development of new materials related to information and displays from nano to macro.
Why Choose Us?

Our school has been a leader in this field through one of the most outstanding educational programs in Korea with our renowned group of 23 faculty members, and more than 630 undergraduate and 200 graduate students.


We combined the Department of Material Engineering and Advanced Material Engineering in 2005. After many years of development, we have reached a leading position in education and research areas in Korea, and our school has been accredited by ABEEK (Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea) since 2007.


Moreover, since the school was selected for government support programs in 2006, such as BK21 (Brain Korea 21) PLUS programs, we have ranked top of material field projects for many years with outstanding performance.


We will continue to pursue a proactive approach in order to maintain a competitive edge also in the newly emerging studies. It is our vision to stand out among the world in the Advanced Materials Engineering Field in 2020.