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Service Design Convergence (Interdisciplinary)

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The Service Design Interdisciplinary Major was established for the purpose of 1) creating disruptive innovation based on service, 2) enhancing competitveness of service convergence design in the world market, by education, 3)suggesting students' vision of design.


The Service Design Interdisciplinary Majors also make a convergence with other majors and tries to develop synergy.



We aim to:


  • Refine the global competitiveness of a Service Design Interdisciplinary Major

     which will be a future leading academic area

  • Suggest a vision for the future and securing global design competitiveness

  • Build the brand of Global SKKU as a leading creative and

     interdisciplinary academic institution

  • Foster the workforce to meet industrial needs by generating a synergy effect



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Department in Detail
1. Courses and Curriculums

  The Service Design Interdisciplinary Program also called the Service Design Institute (SDI) offers master degree and Ph.D. degree courses to provide a new kind of creative professional that will lead industry innovation by designing services and product-service systems (PSS). SDI addresses economical, ecological and experience values. The courses offered are shown below:


2. Facilities, Resources and Funding

  The Service Design Institute is supported by the Korean Ministry of Education under the Brain Korea 21 Plus for scholarships for graduate students and other activities. SDI is also supported by the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, for the Manufacturing Servitization Support Framework Project.

3. Exchanges & Partnerships

  The Service Design Institute has a strong collaborative network composed of companies of both a small, medium size and large size as shown below. Some companies are clients of Product-Service Systems Design projects and other healthcare service design projects. Some companies collaborate with the program through graduate student employees who take up employment with said companies.

Why Choose Us?
1. Reputation

  SKKU Service Design Institute is a global pioneer in Service Design graduate education. Faculty members and graduate students actively participate in global leading conferences and activities of Service Design. For example, Professor Yong Se Kim, Chair of the Institute, is a member of the ServDes conference committee.

2. International Engagement

  The Service Design Institute is actively engaging in global collaboration with many super schools such as Stanford Design Division, Politecnico di Milano Service Design Program, Technical University of Munich, Technical University of Denmark, Antwerp University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.