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Dean's Message

Welcome to Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU)

College of Engineering


Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) represents the origins of Korea’s higher education since its foundation in 1398. Throughout the last 619 years, SKKU has focused on the principles of Neo-Confucianism and embodied its four cardinal virtues [仁義禮智 pronounced In, Eui, Ye, Ji] which literally translates into English as; humanity, righteousness, propriety and wisdom.


With the support of world renowned global company Samsung, SKKU has become a creative and innovative center of higher education. Our collaborative approach represents a paradigm shift in which we focus on pedagogical models that incorporate foundational knowledge, applied research, a focus on global society, and academic-industrial collaboration, especially in Science and Engineering.


Founded in 1965, SKKU's College of Engineering has made remarkable progress over the last 50+ years. The progress of our College of Engineering is easily verified through recent evaluation results of universities in both Korea and abroad. Our College of Engineering ranked 50th in the field of engineering in the QS World University Rankings 2016.


In the academic field, the Departments of Chemical Engineering, Advanced Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering all ranked in the top 50 in the world. Also, all of the departments in the College of Engineering, including Architectural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering received excellent grades in an evaluation conducted by the Korean Council for University Education.


Throughout the last 50+ years, the College of Engineering have pursued world-class research with distinguished faculty and global research centers, have emphasized the industrial collaboration to operate academic departments with government, and have reinforced the global network to expand exchange programs.


We are striving to educate talented students as “Grand Challenge Technology Innovators” who are contributing to the development of a harmonious global society. In particular, we have established a global leading system of engineering education. By actively introducing creative and convergent engineering education methods and expanding various academic and extracurricular activities to cultivate entrepreneurial spirit, we aim to train engineers who possess the four abilities of Global Dimension, Creative Efficacy, Trans-disciplinary Capability, and Innovative Entrepreneurship.


In 2005, the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea [ABEEK] system was introduced at SKKU. Undergraduate programs emphasize the ABEEK program and cooperative training. In 2012, SKKU participated in Washington Accord Monitoring University as the representative of Korea.


Furthermore, SKKU’s College of Engineering trains future researchers with international competitiveness through 6 teams in the BK21+ program, as well as two ‘University for Creative Korea (CK)’ teams to educate talented individuals who will lead the future industries of Korea.


We also actively engage in academic-industrial cooperation with top global companies such as Samsung. In 2014, BASF, which is the top chemical company in the world, opened the ‘Asia-Pacific Electronics Materials Research Center’ at SKKU’s Natural Sciences Campus to collaborate with our engineering department. In addition, SABIC, a world-renowned chemical company, also opened a research center at our campus. The College of Engineering also conducts close academic-industrial collaborative research with many domestic and foreign enterprises, and plays an important role not only in Korea, but also in the development of industries around the world.


According to the survey conducted by the Korea JoongAng Daily and the polling organization Research & Research, our university ranked 1st among Korean collegiate universities and 3rd among all universities nationwide, making SKKU known as a university with the highest level of student satisfaction and a great academic atmosphere. In addition, the Chemical Engineering Department, the Advanced Materials Engineering Department, the Mechanical Engineering Department, and the Architectural Civil Engineering Department were selected for the BK21 PLUS project, which will be held for seven years from 2013 to 2019. Through this project, the College of Engineering has been awarded a total of 1.1 trillion KRW (about 153 billion KRW per year) and established an environment for enhanced graduate education and research.


However, rather than settling for the accomplishments we have made to date, our College of Engineering has undertaken a "New Challenge" with the vision to become the top 20th College of Engineering in the world by 2020. We will fulfill our role as a pioneering world leader in education and research, while also doing our best to become an Entrepreneurial University that will create new industries through the achievements of our university's education and research.


We welcome you to join us in our transformation endeavor into a truly leading Engineering College for the 21st century.


Jun Young LEE
Dean, College of Engineering