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Dean's Message

Welcome to Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU)

College of Engineering


Inspiring Future, Grand Challenge


SKKU College of Engineering is one of Korea's leading colleges in the field of engineering, providing education and research focused on cutting-edge technology and trends to foster creative engineers with four key capabilities: Global Dimension, Creative Efficacy, Trans-disciplinary Capability, and Innovative Entrepreneurship.


The college conducts education and research in national key future industries such as AI, autonomous vehicles, robotics, energy, bioengineering, and semiconductors. To support excellent undergraduate students in pursuing graduate studies, the college offers opportunities for them to experience graduate research activities and explore their career paths in advance. In addition, outstanding undergraduate students who decide to pursue graduate studies receive scholarships and various support programs to help them grow as excellent researchers during and after their graduate studies.


With the six BK21 Four education and research programs selected in 2020, the college has established a foundation for fostering outstanding research professionals with international competitiveness required to create future industries in Korea. It strives to achieve world-class research capabilities through international joint research, overseas dispatch of excellent graduate students and graduates, overseas academic lectures, continuous recruiting of excellent professors, expansion of industry-academic research collaboration, and commercialization efforts of research achievements.


Especially, the college actively promotes industry-academic cooperation with global first-class companies, including Samsung. In 2014, BASF, the world's top chemical company, opened its Asia-Pacific Electronic Materials Research Center in our Natural Science Campus for close collaboration. The college also established joint research centers with leading domestic companies such as Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, SEMES, and Hanhwa Advanced Materials. The college performs very close industry-academic research collaboration with numerous domestic and international small and medium-sized enterprises, playing a very important role not only in Korea but also in the development of industries worldwide.


SKKU College of Engineering is taking on new challenges to leap into the world's top 20 engineering colleges by 2030. It will fulfill its pioneering mission as a research-oriented and entrepreneurial university that creates new industries, while playing a leading role in education and research worldwide.


I’d like to ask you a continuous guide and support for SKKU College of Engineering. Thank you.


Taesung Kim
Dean, College of Engineering