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Mission & Vision


The Mission of the College of Engineering is to expand education as well as research programs in a complementary approach. In this manner, we aim to respond to the demands of society and the ever changing pace of technology in the knowledge and information era. With a wide range of research activities maintained in the engineering college, department and the associated research institutes in areas of applied science, we believe we are uniquely capable of providing such services.


In the 21st century, engineering students must prepare themselves for the future as a 'Grand Challenge Technology Innovator', in order to cope with societal demands. From these social needs, the College of Engineering will educate students as capable scientists who are able to contribute to the social advancement in science and engineering, and eventually provide sustainability and affluence in life through advantages from the application of science and technology.




To be a World- class Research Institute

The College of Engineering seeks to be ranked Top 10 in the field of engineering education and research in Asia and Top 20 in the world. To accomplish these goals, the college is accelerating its plans to enhance its educational programs and obtain distinguished faculty and researchers.


To obtain global competitiveness in its education programs through innovative engineering education, the college will raise creative and competent leaders as “Grand Challenge Technology Innovator” who can be highly competitive globally.


Graduates will serve as 'Technology Volunteers for Global Society with Humanism and Communication Skills'. They will mount challenges to overcome world 'Engineering Obstacles with Engineering Knowledge and Creative Thinking'. They will become creative leaders of 'Future Industry with Global Competence and Leadership'.