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Global Entrepreneurship (Special Graduate)

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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
Special Graduate GSGE001 Startup and Engineering 2 Korean Yes
The purpose of this course is to provide overall engineering background to non-engineering major graduates for technology based startup and/or start-up consulting such as engineering principals, applications, trends and updates in information communication, mechanical, electrical, electronic, industrial, environmental, bio-technology & etc.
Special Graduate GSGE002 Advanced Management of Startup 2 Korean Yes
This course is to study the systematical meaning of the corporate management to become a successful entrepreneur, focusing on understanding and applying it. Graduates will review processes to maximize the corporate value from allocating human resources and materials to providing finished products or services to markets in macro and micro-management perspectives.
Special Graduate GSGE004 Entrepreneurship 2 - No
This course is to study an innovative and socially responsible entrepreneurship. Since a corporate is run by capital to maximize its’ profit, it has to be sufficiently funded to survive first. On the other hand, the corporate also has social responsibility to return its’ profits to the community. An entrepreneur should be able to renovate the corporate constantly to generate profits and must have a strong sense of social responsibility at the same time.
Special Graduate GSGE005 Method of Startup Consulting 2 Korean Yes
This course is to study a variety of consulting methodologies for startup consultants to give an effective consulting to startup companies. Startup consultants are person who plays the 2nd most important role for startups, next to the founders. Especially in the early days of the startup, the founder has tons of works to be done by himself without sufficient assistance from internal staffs. Therefore it is essential for the startup to get helps from external experts.
Special Graduate GSGE006 Business Model Development 2 Korean Yes
Students will learn to assess business concept and the hypothesis. Contemporary startup environment is very complex. Life cycle of the technology is very short. In such a rapidly changing environment, students will learn how to capture the benefits of business items and opportunity. Students can learn how to write a business plan and theories through this process.
Special Graduate GSGE008 Startup‘s New Product Development 2 Korean Yes
This course is aimed at the mapping of customer's need and technical specifications. In this methodology, students will learn how to provide customers satisfaction. Furthermore, students can learn the methodology to derive the key features from the customer's requirements.
Special Graduate GSGE009 Patent Law & Strategy 2 Korean Yes
The importance of intellectual property has become more emphasized. In this course, students are to understand the patent system, building a patent portfolio and learn strategies to resolve patent infringement.
Special Graduate GSGE011 Venture Growth Strategies 2 Korean Yes
Venture company is based on technology start-ups. Students will learn about the company's growth and growth management and related elements for the top venture firms. In growth stage, students will learn about financing and investment growth, and marketing strategy.
Special Graduate GSGE012 Organizational Behavior for Entrepreneurship 2 Korean Yes
Organizational Behavior is a field of study that investigates what people do in an organization and how that behavior affects the performance of organization. Topics include motivation, leadership, communication, decision making, organizational culture and organizational development.
Special Graduate GSGE013 SKKU Field Experience Program in Startup 2 Korean Yes
Students will learn the solution to the problem and the direction of the company going to analyze and consulting firms. 3-5 students are to form a team and study in Business Incubating Center or others company.
Special Graduate GSGE014 SKKU Entrepreneurship Capstone1 2 Korean Yes
After building team with 3-5 students of diversity range of undergraduate majors, students will learn discovering the business items on the basis of one year learning contents. And students study establishing process of a virtual enterprise.
Special Graduate GSGE016 Technology valuation 2 Korean Yes
This course is about learning methodologies to assess the value of the technology held by the founder and substantially to commercialize it. Value of the company are derived after the commercialization achieved . This course is cultivated ability to assess the value of these technologies
Special Graduate GSGE017 Strategy of M&A and IPO 2 Korean Yes
This course will study M&A methodology & IPO. Objective of corporate management is sustainable growth. In particular, Korea's IPO is a very difficult and associated institutions also vary. Students will learn a variety of institutions such securities markets
Special Graduate GSGE018 Technology Commercialization 2 - No
Instead of simply operating the company, the management of the technology become more important for sustainable growth. In this course, students will learn technical planning and strategy, technology acquisition, technology management, technology utilization, commercialization of the technology life cycle, including integrated innovation, strategically, and learn how to effectively manage.
Special Graduate GSGE019 SKKU Entrepreneurship Capstone2 2 Korean Yes
We team up with 3~5 students who has different undergraduate degree and create new business items on the basis of what we learned in a year. And in this process, we develop marketing strategy and method of market research, technological development, sustainable growths. Also, we learn the process of establishing virtual company.
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